Unique Pizza

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Author: Pia Albrechtsen

Hundreds of unique pizza recipes have one reason why pizzas are so well loved. There are plenty of pizza dough recipes, pizza sauce recipes and everyone has their favorite combination of toppings to finish off the pizza just right. You can eat pizza hot with the melted cheese still dripping or cold the next day as part of a packed lunch. Most of us will happily admit that we have enjoyed leftover pizza for breakfast!

If you like unique pizzas or you are looking for a unique pizza recipe, the endless combinations are sure to delight you. Sometimes the most simple pizza recipes are the best and a plain pizza margarita, which is mozzarella and tomato, can hit the spot, especially when a few herbs are cleverly added too. Basil goes very nicely with cheese and tomato and traditional Italian pizza fans would heartily agree. Parsley is nice on potato pizza and cilantro enhances oriental flavored pizzas and Mexican pizza recipes.

Eggplant, Tomato, Fetta Pizza - Caffe Moretti AUD9.80
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